Ghost And Sword

Ghost And Sword

Enter in dark dungeons where the monsters rule are thirsty to kill you, collect items and artifacts, learn skills and fight with giant bossies, buy on earn gold new equipment and trade with lost souls.

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How to start making mods

How to start making mods

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How to start

First what we will need to do to make mod is create mod's folder. Go to game folder and near with "Ghost and Sword.exe" file you will see "mods" folder, open it and create new folder with name of your name for example "MyNewMod" next open it. Now you in your mod space, everything that you will want to use for your mod should be here. First we need to add information for mod, name, description and version, to make it create in your mod's folder "modinfo.json" and open with your favorite text editor, this is JSON file game will bed used to get information about your mod, but don't worry to do this you not need much knowledge of JSON, you can just copy example below and just put your text to there.

    "name": "MyNewMod",
    "description": "This is my first mod!",
    "version": "0.0.1"

NOTE: Name not necessary should be same as mod folder.

Good job! Now game have all information to show in mods menu. But would be good to add icon for mod. For icon we recommend use 120x120 size, but you can use any size, game will scale down it automatic, image should have png or jpg format. When you found or create image for mod icon just put it in mod folder and rename it to "modicon" for game was can load it automatic when load mods list.

Perfect! Most easy part of your mod is done!

Now you need to decide what the mod will do because depends of the content that you want to create required different level of skill and different knowledge.

This guide is just like a hub where you can found all links to other guides. But how to choose what one guide I need to make my own idea in life? I am did small list of ideas that you would want to do and what the skills and knowledge you will need for it. THIS NOT EVERYTHING THAT CAN DO MODS WITH GAME API this only list of main ideas that you would can get when will want to start making mods.

  • Menu reskins - For this not need much skills, just MINIMAL skills of JavaScript. You will need just call function with parameters that you want and load images that you like.
  • Localization - If you would like to translate game on your language you will need have basic skills of XML and good spelling, because you not want to someone was think that you know your own language bad, right? (NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW)
  • Adding new items - Depend of what item you want to add, if item use default mechanics of game, like a damage on hit or addition stats when equipped or item that you can use, get health/stamina, you will need only basic skills of XML, but if you will read some examples you will can learn it very fast even without any knowing what is XML at all. So if you want to add just sword that attack with high damage and have own look this very simple. But if you will need make complex item that give custom effect that not exist in game you will have to use runtime.js file and API of it, for it will can be need high skills of js to make it.
  • Adding custom drops - You can make your custom items drops from ingame chests that easy! Need simple skills of JavaScript.
  • Overriding game music - Need veeeeery simple skills of XML but with examples will be easy.
  • Other - API of game allow you do a lot of own ideas with runtime.js where you can do any code that you want, so if you not found here any example how to make what you want don't worry, because you have free space to make it by your own way. A lot of functions for control gameplay and drawing interface, XML values that already have tags with linked functions to them that game can do without any code, JSON configs that will help make your mod customizable by users, and a lot more, just read documentation attentively and you will can realize everything that you want.

Well when you select for self first objective and got in mind how you want see your mod lets go see other guides. Here you can found all guides:


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