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Ghost And Sword

Enter in dark dungeons where the monsters rule are thirsty to kill you, collect items and artifacts, learn skills and fight with giant bossies, buy on earn gold new equipment and trade with lost souls.

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Drops.js How to add custome drops

How to edit custome drops.

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Drops.js is javascript file that game use to load your custom drops. This is allow adding custom or ingame items to list of drops for specific container, this means you can make your own item drops from ingame chests.


if(Dropper == 'common' && Location == 'Cave') {
	AddDrop('Bread', 25, 3);

This code make chance 25% to drop 3 breads for common chest at caves.

Dropper variable store name of chest that needed to drop this.

Location variable store name of level Cave or Mines.

AddDrop functions accept 3 variables: item name, chance on drop, how many need to drop.

You can use any combinations of checks. All checks is optional you can use only Dropper varible to add drop on every level or use only Location to add drop to any container.


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